Ways we will communicate with you

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This website

  • www.edwardstreetquarter.mclarengroup.com
  • This will be the central hub for all information updates regarding the scheme as it will be updated as regularly as possible
  • It includes regular programmes updates, job vacancies, community engagement stories and contact form for your questions and queries
  • Please use this website as your first line of enquiry


  • We are currently in the process of getting a WhatsApp group set up to allow broadcast only messages to be sent to allow for quick updates to local residents
  • Due to GDPR law, we have had to review the information we have received and ensure we are abiding by the regulations of holding personal information
  • Your first message will come from the group name ‘MCL – Edward Street Quarter Updates’
  • If you would like to be added to these notifications, please contact chanade.ramsay@mclarengroup.com
  • You will be unable to reply to these messages

Community Board (Edward St hoarding side)

  • These boards intend to inform the general public footfall regarding the project
  • It will include information regarding McLaren, programme updates, community engagement, environmental stats, job opportunities and contact details including url to this website

Letter drops

  • Letter drops will be for formal invitations to any community forums we may hold in the future, also notifications of any works that may affect you.

Community Forums (Monthly)

  • These intend to be an informal, face-to-face interaction to ensure an open and transparent approach to communicating with the local community
  • Your concerns are our priority and we believe it is important for your voice to be heard
  • These meetings may drop to quarterly in the near future

Email (enquiries)

  • For any questions and queries you may have regarding the works on site, please contact Chanade Ramsay, Community Relations Manager, McLaren Construction who will endeavour to answer your questions within 72 hours (3 working days)