Next resident update meeting: Tuesday 3rd December

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McLaren are inviting local residents to attend the next Edward Street Quarter update meeting on Tuesday 3rd December at 5.30pm, to be held at Millwood Community Centre, Nelson Row, Kingswood Street, Brighton BN2 9QG.

This will be a great opportunity for McLaren to inform and reassure local residents of current and planned works ahead. The recent, essential investigation works are to understand the existing structural foundations so the final design can be complete. These preparatory works have also included a survey of existing buildings and features within the site. It has enabled McLaren to refine the method by which we will complete the remaining demolition in the safest way possible.

Current works:

  • Demolition of existing basement and foundations.
  • Erecting site hoarding John Street.
  • Site clearance.
  • Exploratory works.
  • Sound monitoring.
  • Dust monitoring.

Two-week look ahead:

  • Recycling concrete crusher will crushing concrete for 5 days
  • Commencing foundations for crane bases.
  • Reduce level dig on high level in block E – White Street.
  • Sound monitoring.
  • Dust monitoring.
  • Erecting site hoarding – Edward Street.
  • Installing dust screen to the rear gardens along White St.

We look forward to see you next week.