Frequently Asked Questions

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we understand and empathise with our residents who are living close to the site at the moment. with many of you working from home, home-schooling, and surviving a very unusual situation, we know that the added noise from our works must be difficult to deal with at times. Where possible, we have tried to minimise the amount of noise made during the lockdown. Many of these alternative options have now been exhausted, leaving us with just heavy machinery to ‘break out’ the remaining concrete.

Please have a look at the answers to some of the questions we’ve been receiving;

Are you still monitoring the Noise, dust and vibration on site?

Yes. Our monitors are in place, now using mains power, and will remain in use for the duration of our build. The data from these monitors is recorded 24/7 and ensures that our works stay within the parameters set out by planning conditions. We also have also had an environmental health officer visit our site a number of times and found our works ‘to be of an acceptable standard and in compliance with the Section 61 regulations’

How Much Longer will there be noisy breaking work happening on site?

Our current noisy breaking out work will continue until the end of July 2020. This will leave just ‘Block A’ to break out. This work will not commence until September 2020. We will give you a prior notification of this.

Why is the noisier breaking work taking so long?

The existing slabs from previous builds are, in some places, 3 times it’s estimated thickness, and also contains more steel than is usually found. this means more work and using bigger machines on site. During the lockdown, we took a 9-week pause from all breaking out works, which has also set us back in our schedule.

Have the times for breaking work changed?

Yes. we have had to extend the amount of time that we use the breaking out machines for, in order to make up for our lockdown break and the extra slab. We will now be breaking out between the hours of; 9 AM -12 PM and 2 PM – 5 PM Monday to Friday.

Will Breaking out happen at the weekend?

No. weekend work will happen as and when it is required. But going forward, we will not do any breaking out work over the weekend.

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