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Saturday 13th June


There will be a small number of operatives on site today. No intrusive or noisy works will be undertaken. One of the Tower cranes will be in operation but there will be no use of the site entrances for traffic.

08th June 2020


Please note that over the next few weeks it is our intention to undertake any disruptive works at set times during the date. As of today, there may be breaking of the slab, drilling and ground penetrations taking place between 0900am to 1200pm & 1400pm to 1700pm. The duration of these works will vary according…

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Saturday 06th June


Please note that we have a small number of operatives (circa 15no) on site today to carry out non intrusive works within the site. One of our Tower cranes will be in operation and we shall also have vehicle movements on site to collect and remove materials.

Thursday 04th June


Please note that disruptive works will be carried out to an area near the Job Centre building today. Between the hours of 1100 & 1400pm we shall be breaking out the underground obstruction. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Tuesday 02nd June


Due to an obstruction being found in the existing slab located near the Job centre building earlier today, we will need to carry out disruptive works today in order to remove it. Therefore between the hours of 11am & 2pm today there will be noisy works being undertaken, this will involve the use of breaking and…

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Friday 29th May


Please note that we intend to carry out drilling and breaking works to the south west corner of the site today (adjacent to the Job centre building) Between the hours of 1100 – 1400 there will be some disruption which will include noise and vibration, control measures will be in place to minimise where possible.…

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Thursday 28th May


Please note that in order to remove an underground obstruction we shall be undertaking noisy works to break up the slab area adjacent to the Job centre building on John Street These works will take place between 1000-1200 & 1400-1600 today. Apologies for any disruption this may cause.

Site Activity – 20/05/20


Please  note that we shall be undertaking drilling and below ground works at the corner of Edward St & White St between the hours of 1000am to 1400pm. We apologise for any disruption this may cause.

Site activity / 16th May 20


Please note that on Saturday 16th May 2020 , we shall have a small number of operatives on site. Our works will require the use of 1no Tower crane and approx. 10-15 operatives who will only be using hand tools. We shall not be using mechanical plant and no noisy works will be undertaken.

Planned works


Please note that due to a mechanical failure on one of our Tower Cranes we have had to use an alternative method of placing concrete. This has involved a concrete lorry being reversed onto site via the corner of White Street and Edward Street. Unfortunately this delay will mean that site will not be closed…

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