Breakfast food collection for Brighton homeless people

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As part of McLaren’s commitment to support the local community in Brighton, the team at the Edward Street Quarter development in September started up a regular collection of breakfast food items to be distributed to organisations in Brighton who are working with people identified at risk who have been emergency housed in night shelters and hostels.

McLaren joined forces with Pay it Back Direct which is a local network who organised the distribution of breakfast foods to the hostels and temporary hotels. Local bakeries have also joined forces and on a daily basis, they donate their unsold bread and sandwiches, making sure that people are provided with a staple meal. 

Breakfast foods are now in short supply so the team were asked to bring in breakfast cereals, jams and marmalades, and UHT milk plus hot chocolate drinks and these are delivered by the team on a regular basis to the shelters and hostels so that they can provide homeless people with a daily breakfast and give them a decent meal to start off the day.